Data Acquisition

100%+ ROI Within 3 Months, Lower Cost Per Acquisition than Competitors, High Engagement, Quality Data


Benefits of Data Acquisition

Fast Returns

Most Sterling clients see their lists achieve 100% ROI within 3 months. That’s our AI-driven targeting and industry leading contact info at work.

Guaranteed Performance

We offer many ways to ensure your buy succeeds, whether it’s boosting underperforming lists with new or improved names or offering partial refunds.

Flexible Payment Options

Sterling allows qualified campaigns to pay off their purchases through their returns. That could be monthly installments or payments tied to ROI milestones.

No Contract Shenanigans

Our contracts are straightforward and do not lock you into anything you didn’t sign up for.

Acquisition done right. Quality data at the lowest prices.


Sterling’s Data Acquisition Process

Evaluate your Needs

You can begin with a set budget or request counts on a preferred audience.


We exchange information securely to remove duplicates from your newly acquired list.

AI Targeting

With AI Targeting, we let our models and systems automatically work their magic!

Secure Delivery

Using cutting-edge encryption protocols, we deliver securely through Dropbox within 24-48 hours.

Impact Calculation

Data Acquisition System Price

Pay now

Pay Later*

Pay with ROI*

*Available qualified committees only, payment windows vary based on Sterling’s assessment.


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